A Reasonable Outlook on Auto and Fleet Management with OBDplus.

OBD plus is a 3-G auto management and tracking system operating plug-and-play on all automobiles, commercials and heavy vehicles that are 2000 model and up.With OBDplus, you can track your auto on your PC or via your cell phone; control and fix its health status; check the driving habits and intervene in your car from a distance.

From that moment of connection of OBDplus to your car, it sends values and location info coming from ECU to its own cloud server. You can quickly reach these values coming to our servers on any web platform. You can see info of your car in the most detailed way, save it in the safest way and report it in the quickest way thanks to the cloud technology.

Safer and cozy driving with OBDplus presenting auto/ fleet management and diagnostic modules together for the first time in Middle East and Europe.

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  3. Diagnostic
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Multiple Auto Management
Follow all your vehicles on only one screen and have knowledge of idling time, its stopping, live-data, health status, driving habits, and traffic rules about your fleet. Enrich your company with OBDplus Fleet Management.
Complete Analysis
Thanks to the reporting module, report and analyze your fleet or auto with every detail.
Send work orders viaSMS or email to the cell phone of the driver with the organization module. Predetermine points your car will go or check its route. Direct your fleet according to the situation of the traffic.
Auto Health
OBDplus informs you about trouble codesand malfunction indicator lamps given while driving. If you wish, it can repair the trouble codes and service lamps and clear them with one click.
Road Assistant
Have detailed knowledge of your car before departing or periodical maintenance and repair it. It is with you wherever you are in all circumstances.
Fleet Doctor
Test your fleet’s health status, performance of work, chronic problems and repair them.
Just plug OBD plus into OBD2 connector of your car to use OBDplus. No need for installation. Therefore, you can use it whenever and in whatever car you wish.
Live and Online Tracking
When you exceed the limit of speed, cycle and location, you get info about it. If you wish, you can share the info with the driver and report it. Besides, it can send a signal you in the determined engine temperature and high value of emission and that provides you to have knowledge of your car’s health status. You can clear warnings and trouble codes related to your car both in your cellphone or any computer having internet connection. Also, if you are in somewhere in the world, it is not a problem at all; you can access the information about your car on the internet in 7/24.
Detailed Briefing
OBD plus lets you have information, warnings you want to know about your car if you wish via notification, email, or SMS. Therefore, wherever you are, your connection with your car never disconnects.

ObdPlus AT-90 v1.1.2 Update Release Notes

Release notes are added.

Live data tracking and reference data analysis are added.

Margin of error in calculation of driving time is decreased as %1.

v1.1.2 Stabile

ObdPlus AT-90 v1.1.1 Update Release Notes

Options of warning settings are updated.

The feature of multiple reports is added.

v1.1.1 Stabile

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