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Thanks to the feature of live tracking, all information of your
car while driving is transiently in your mobile phone.
Instant Tracking and Briefing

You can get the information about instant location, speed, cycle and consumption when your car is on the move.

Engine Temperature- Power Supply Voltage

When your car is on the move, you can transiently follow engine temperature and power supply voltage values. If you wish, you can enable to get a notification in threshold value. Therefore, you will havealreadyfound a complete solution for problems that the power supply is out while your car is on the move or stopped.

Summary of Driving Warning

It is a brief summary of warning received as part of conditions you have determined related to your car. Therefore, you can interfere in possible situations and even when your car is far away from you, you can enable to use your car under these conditions.

Summary of Fault Code

You can see the last 5 faults in failure of electronics and engine of your car and details of these faults. Also, you can see their description in Turkish and clear them. No more take into service to turn off the malfunction indicator lamp with OBDplus recognizing all generic trouble codes.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Driving and Consumption Reports

In addition to instant consumption values of your car on live tracking screen, you can see daily, weekly and monthly fuel consumption and road reports fast.

We have made a difference in Middle East and Europe with the feature of seeing, analyzing and reporting instant values in failure of electronics and engine of your car, health condition of your car, trouble codes on the diagnostic menu andthe feature of reading and clearing auto trouble codes that you can fulfill in only the authorized service. You can see all trouble codes, their description in Turkish and clear the trouble codes and turn off the malfunction indicator lamp. Also, when your car gives a trouble code, the system automatically sends you a notification.


You can have more detailed information about health condition of your car before going to the service or a long-distance trip. Also, you can make any sudden change as a graph, interfere in possible faults before and interpret existing faults. You can have knowledge of 10.000 more trouble codes with ObdPlus reading and interpreting all generic trouble codes in OBD2 sockets over 2000 model.

When your car is on the move, you can get instant information about your car within the frame of the limitation you have determined. When the limitations are exceeded, the system automatically sends you a notification. Therefore, you have a safer and cozier driving pleasure for you and your loved ones. .
Warnings that you can receive with ObdPlus:

  • Speed limit is exceeded.

  • Low power supply voltage

  • High engine temperature

  • Suddenly speeding up

  • Emergency breaking

  • Idle Mode

  • Drawing a vehicle

  • High Speed

  • The device is on.

  • High exhaust emission

  • Long duration driving

  • The device is off.

  • Emergency case

  • Warning of accident

  • Ignition switch is on.

  • Ignition switch is off.

  • Trouble warning

  • Geographical limitation

    Draw an area where your vehicles have to be with a simple motion on your management panel and get the information when your vehicles go beyond or inside the limit. Determine your working site with the limit violations.

    Route Limitation

    Determine a route and an arrival time for drivers to prevent unnecessary fuel consumption and time loss in driving. When the drivers sheer or don’t arrive in time, get an instant notification to you.

    You can instantly see your driving time, fuel level, your car limit violations and several detailed reports whenever you wish.

    General Reports

    You can see and analyze several reports such as Driving Time, Fuel Consumption, Taken Road, Limit Violations, Speed Limit, Number of Idle High Speed, Long-distance Driving, High Temperature of Engine. .

    Driving Reports

    You can see your driving time, fuel consumption, taken road and the time of the road you have taken in any date range and get detailed reports.
    Warning Reports

    You can get reports that are expositional according to the date and the time and reports that are separated in terms of their types. Also, you can instantly get the information about location and limits of every report from the report section.
    Violation Reports

    It can determine all vehicles that go beyond the area you have determined while managing your vehicle fleet. You can save your time and fuel by determining new routes and areas.

    You can use ObdPlus Organization modules to strengthen the communication between your vehicles, organize your work plan and prevent illegal uses in your business life.

    With ObdPlus Organization;

    You can plan the routes your car will take before, take notes on these planned points and report the routes taken. Also, you can determine drivers who violate the limit or the route. You can decrease cost of your fleet by taking unnecessary consumption in your fleet and health condition of your vehicles under control with the reporting module. Therefore, you can have a safer driving and a faster business life at the same time.

    Control Road Condition with G-Sensor.

    ObdPluscan analyze G-Sensor data of your car, sudden jolting and road condition. As SAIL TECH, road condition maps will be published free of charge in 2016 under social responsibility. Customers of ObdPlus will see road graphs of their cars about the past and report them.

    Driving Habits;

    During your driving, ObdPlus give points for every trip byanalyzing live data of your car as driver-based. It informs you when it has an excessive fall of points. Therefore, you will have a guide for a safer and regular driving.

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