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Auto management and diagnostic tools within the brand “SailTech” constituted with the partnership of AkarsubaşıSoftware and Nitro Bilişim are produced. As local technology companies producing M2M devices with years of experience, we offer non-stop service since 2010. We owe you our entity that is developing and continuing its existence. Your continuous interest that you have been showing to our services since 2010 honors us. With years of experience in our sector as SailTech;;

Coating Thickness Gauge (Nitrometer)

Chip Tuning Box Devices (EcoObd)

Auto Diagnostic Tool (iobd2)

And the device we have just produced and put on the market:

OBDplus Auto Management Devices

We are glad to offer services to you dear customers. You can find further information about OBDplus Auto Management Devices on this page. Our effort to present the best service and the most qualified product to you continues every day increasingly.



Mastership in back of ObdPlus
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Who has worked?

Software Team

We have constituted it within every detail in several good programming languages in the world such as C+, C++, C#, php, java, jquery, Python with our expert team.

Web Technology Team

Web Technology Team

Graphic Design Team

We have added beauties and easiest user experiences to our codes with our graphic experts who create visuals behind every written code.

Test Team

We have reached everywhere from sea to shining sea with our experienced test team who has tooltip that is completely testing the project for every written code in every construction step.

Analysis Team

We have made an ever-growing project with our analysis team that has composed all returns, analyzed them and completed all shortcomings from the beginning of the project to the ending of the project.

Buying Team

We have developed our mobility with our buying team that provides necessary documents, parts in production, covers expenses of fuel consumption and assigns in every area.

Marketing Team

We have started to receive a recompense for our work with our marketing team that has received hundreds of order by expressing us better than us before we haven’t put our project on the market.


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Project Partners

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